California Prop 65

This letter is to inform you that Polymer Plastics Corp's compliance with California's Proposition 65 based on knowledge that the end use of component parts or materials that you have purchased may ultimately expose a consumer to a listed chemical.

After a review of the Proposition 65 requirements by Polymer Plastics Quality control, Polymer Plastics Corporation is providing a Prop 65 warning notification with any order that ships to California that contain a listed chemical. Whether you were the PO initiator or the ship to address, in California, we are supplying this notification in compliance with the Prop 65 requirements.

If you determine that the end use of these product(s) you have received from us may cause a consumer exposure to the referenced listed chemical(s) beyond the Safe Harbor Levels; you are responsible for passing that information along to your customers, employees, and/or the product retailer in compliance with Prop 65.
According to our records, you have or are purchasing plastic materials that may contain un-reacted monomer chemical groups within their compounds that are listed as possibly being beyond the Safe Harbor Levels, under California Prop 65. These monomers have now polymerized into stabilized polymer chains that may still contain trace amounts of monomer chemical groups that may or may not be below Safe Harbor Levels.
Any questions or concerns may be directed to the email address below.

Amanda Carpenter
Sales Manager/ Customer Relations