Glastic UTR GPO-3

Electrical Grade Fiberglass Polyester

Glastic is a group of thermoset fiberglass-reinforced polyester insulating products produced by the Glastic company. This asbestos-free product line offers strength, excellent electrical properties and dimensional stability. Various grades feature flame resistance, high resistance to carbon tracking, flexibility, and high property retention under heat.

These products will not melt under heat and have excellent overall electrical properties. Glastic laminates have good dielectrics and have been engineered to maximize the specific properties required for a wide range of electrical and electronic applications. Because it is a fiberglass reinforced polyester laminate, this product won't shatter. Even at elevated temperatures, Glastic laminate offer good property retention and dimensional stability. Glastic is available in sheet, rod, and an extensive array of profiles.

The chart below outlines the standard commercial grades of the Glastic product line.
Additional grades are available on a special order basis.

Grade Part Number Electrical Temp. Index Mechanical Temp. Index Description
TSF UTS UTR 1580 G200
(1312) (1478) (1494) (1580) (1905)
120 deg. C 130 deg. C 130 deg. C 120 deg. C 160 deg. C
160 deg. C 160 deg. C 160 deg. C 140 deg. C 180 deg. C
NEMA GPO-1. An economy priced, general purpose laminate NEMA GPO-2. Highly flame resistant material UL 94 V-0 NEMA GPO-3. UL recognized, flame resistant, arc and track resistant NEMA GPO-3. UL recognized, highly flame resistant, .025" to .093" thicknesses, meets 94 V-0, combines high arc and track resistance High heat resistance, excellent retention of physical and electrical properties at elevated temperatures.

"Properties", Applications" and "Availabilities" for the Glastic UTR GPO-3 Sheet is at the bottom of this page.

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Properties, Applications and Availabilities for the Glastic UTR GPO-3 Sheet




High impact strength Operating rods Rod: .076" to 2.000"
Good dielectrics Strain insulators Plate: .032" to 2.000"
Available in UL 94 V-0 Tension members Profiles: Extensive angles and channels
Good property retention at elevated temperatures Tool handles  
Ease of fabrication Transformer spacer sticks  
Cost effective over most high pressure laminates Standoff insulators  
  Conduit snakes  
  Antenna guys  
  Sports equipment  
  Hand rails  
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