What is Macor?

Macor is a machinable glass ceramic. With Macor, fabrication is fast, because it can be machined into complicated shapes and precision parts with ordinary metal working tools, quickly and inexpensively, and it requires no post firing after machining. That means no frustrating delays, no expensive hardware, no post fabrication shrinkage, and no costly diamond tools to meet specifications.

Macor machinable glass ceramic is a white, odorless, porcelain-like (in appearance) material composed of approximately 55% fluorophlogopite mica and 45% borosilicate glass. It has no known toxic effects, however, the dust created in machining can be an irritant.

"Properties", Applications" and "Availabilities" for the Macor Sheet and Rod are at the bottom of this page.

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Properties, Applications and Availabilities for the Macor Sheet and Rod




Continuous use temperature of 800 degrees C Ultra-High vacuum environments Bar: .250"-2.00" Rod: .060" to 6.00"
Thermal expansion matches most metals and sealing glasses Constant vacuum applications Sheet: .060" to 2.00"
Nonwetting Aerospace industry Standard Color: White
Zero porosity Nuclear-related experiments  
No deformity Welding nozzles  
Excellent insulator Fixtures  
No outgassing Medical equipment  
Machinable to .0005" Microwave applications  
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