What is Mykroy/Mycalex?

Ceramic materials mold like plastics, have a coefficient of thermal expansion close to many metals, and possess electrical and thermal properties superior to most organic plastics.

These dense, rigid materials are easily machined. They are also impervious to moisture, are arc resistant and can withstand thermal cycling and nuclear radiation. Unlike organic materials, they do not outgas, smoke or burn.

Mykroy/Mycalex materials have continuous operating temperature ranges of -459 degrees F to +1300 degrees F. They are produced in sheet and rod form as well as machined parts to meet specific customer specifications. They are also moldable, like plastic, and can even accept metal inserts during molding.

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Properties and Availabilities for the Mykroy/Mycalex Sheet




Molds and machines much like a plastic but has exceptional dimensional stability   Sheet, rod, and molded
Can be machined to precise tolerances and into complicated shapes with conventional tooling    
Can be used in high or low temperature applications from -400 degrees F to 1300 degrees F    
Excellent electrical and thermal insulator    
Impervious to moisture (zero porosity)    
Good physical strength & impact resistant    
Able to withstand thermal cycling and nuclear radiation    
A proven replacement for asbestos filled materials    

Applications for the Mykroy/Mycalex Sheet

High Voltage

High Temperature

Dimensional Stability

Power station panel components Jet engine thermocouples Laser components
Generators Switches Communication devices
Insulators requiring high dielectric Coil forms & bobbins Semiconductor test fixtures
Connectors Electric connectors Inspection fixtures
Microwave components Motor insulating spacers Encoding memory devices
Relay spacers Plasma engines Mechanical supports
Feed through insulators High-temperature instrumentation Burn in carriers & sockets
Commutators Spacers & washers Telemetering devices
Condenser terminals, covers, dielectrics High-temperature terminal blocks  
Switches & switchgear insulators Thermal insulators