What is Tyvek?

Tyvek is a strong spunbonded olefin which is available in bulk rolls in the popular grades of 1073D (.008") and 1079D (.0085"). Tyvek is ideal for outside banners and can be sheeting to your specifications. On special order, Tyvek is also available in other grades and special roll sizes.
Some common uses are as follows:

  • Moisture proof paper and film substitute
  • Tyvek can be sewn, riveted, grommeted, and heat sealed
  • Excellent substitute for fabric, paper and plastic film
  • Good chemical resistance and printability
  • Good strength wet or dry
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    Properties, Applications and Availabilities for Tyvek Rolls




    Resistant to heat, ASTM 759 Banners Nominal .010" thicknesses
    Approx. sq. in. per lb. Nominal .010" thickness, 9500 Document carriers  
    Cost range guideline. Medium Flags  
    Physical property guideline: Excellent Point of purchase displays  
      Bumper stickers