Vinyl Calendered

What is Vinyl Calendered?

Calendered Vinyl is formed by pressing a polyvinyl chloride compound between a series of three or four large, heated, revolving rollers which squeeze the material between them into sheet or film. The thickness of the finished product is controlled by the space between the rolls. The surface of the plastic film or sheeting may be smooth or matted, depending on the surfacing on the rollers. After leaving the calendar rollers, the plastics sheeting passes over a series of cooling and conditioning rollers. It is then either wound into rolls and removed or cut into flat sheets.

Calendered Vinyl film is used in white translucent for back lighted, screen or offset printed, point of purchase displays. It is stocked in thicknesses from .005" to .030" in white translucent and white opaque. In polished surfaces, Calendered Vinyl is stocked in clear and colors.

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Properties, Applications and Availability for Calendered Vinyl




Resistant to heat, 150-200 degrees F Business cards Thicknesses of .002 to .030 in clear,
In nominal .010" thicknesses, approximate Point of purchase displays      white, and a variety of colors
     1960 square inches per pound Calendars  
  Box lids  
  Promotional banners