Vinyl Flexible

Flexible Vinyl has outstanding versatility. In finished form, it can be sewn, heat sealed, joined by vinyl adhesive, cut by knife or scissors, laid up in multiple layers, and die cut to exact shapes. Called "The Plastic with a Memory," flexible vinyl can withstand common usage abuses such as stretching and denting and return to its original shape in a short time. Flexible vinyl is readily hot stamped, screen printed, and embossed.

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Applications and Availability for Flexible Vinyl

Clear Double Polished

Clear Matte Frosty

Opaque, Colored

Packaging Contact visibility Upholstery
Window and door insulation Dust covers Packaging
Protective coatings Liners Handbags and wallets
Laminations Shower curtains Luggage
Boat and tent windows    
Patio wind protectors    
Greenhouse domes    
Welding curtains    
Loose-leaf, notebooks, stationery items    


Thicknesses of .002" to .025" for calendered and extruded in thicknesses of .030" and up.