PTFE - Mechanical Sheet and PTFE - Rod

PTFE , polytetrafluoroethylene, more commonly known as PTFE, is one of the three fluorocarbon resins in the fluorocarbon class composed wholly of fluorine and carbon. The other resins in this group, also referred to as Teflon, are PFA and FEP and is reviewed under that heading. Mechanical PTFE material is more economical grade made up of 25% regrind PTFE so there may be some small amount of contamination that will not affect its physical properties but may affect its electrical dielectric properties.

The forces binding the fluorine and carbon together provide one of the strongest known chemical linkages in a compact symmetrical arrangement of atoms. The result of this bond strength plus the chain configuration is a relatively dense, chemically inert, thermally stable polymer.

PTFE material resists attack by heat and virtually all chemicals. It is insoluble in all organics with the exception of a few exotics. Its electrical properties are excellent. Although it has high impact strength, its resistance to wear, tensile strength and creep resistance are low in comparison to other engineering type thermoplastics. Mechanical properties can be improved by adding fillers such as glass fibers, bronze, Delrin, carbon, and graphite.

PTFE Rod, Sheet and Tube exhibits the lowest electric constant and lowest dissipation factors of all solid materials. Because of its strong chemical linkage, PTFE Sheet rod and tube shows very little attraction for dissimilar molecules. This results in a coefficient of friction as low as 0.05. Once again, because of this chemical bonding, PTFE resins are virtually insoluble.

"Properties", Applications" and "Availabilities" for the PTFE - Sheet and the PTFE - Rod are at the bottom of this page.

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Properties, Applications and Availabilities for the PTFE - Sheet and the PTFE - Rod




Inertness to most chemicals Non lubricated bearings Rod: .062" to 9.000"
Resistance to high temperatures High temp electrical parts Sheet: .032" to 2.000"
Low coefficient of friction Packings Film: .001" to .032"
Excellent dielectric properties Gaskets Tubing: from .125" I.D. to 9.000 O.D.
Relatively insensitive to temperature Coaxial cable connectors Standard Color:Natural/White
Relatively insensitive to power frequency Transformer Specification: AMS-3651 & Mil-P-22241
Zero moisture absorption Valve components  
Excellent radiation resistance O-rings  
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View Teflon PTFE Data Sheet    

Military and Commercial Specification:

All PTFE extruded products sold by Polymer Plastics meet or exceed all applicable military and commercial specifications.
Extruded and Molded Rod: Mil-P-19468 cancelled and superseded to ASTM D 1710
  Mil-P-22296 cancelled and superseded tp ASTM D 1710
  Mil-R-8791 replaced by AS8791
  AS8791 (SAE) Specification is for finished PTFE parts
Extruded and Molded Rod: ASTM D 1710 Type 1, Grade 1, Class A
  Type 3 Non-Critical, Mechanical grade
  Type 4 Utility Grade, Mechanical Grade
       Grade 2 Mechanical PTFE
            Class A Normal dimensional stability
  ASTM D 4894 Resin specification only Type III, & Type IV
  AMS 3656 Rev E Extruded Rod and Tubes
       Type 4 Finished Parts less test and report
Extruded hexagonal and square stock: AMS 3656
Extruded Sheet: Mil-P-22241A replaced by ASTM D 3293, withdrawn and replaced with ASTM D 3294
Molded Sheet: ASTM D 3294 Type 2, Grade 1, Class B or C
1/4" thick and over ASTM D 4894 " Resin Specification" Type IV resin properties
  AMS 2491 Etched PTFE process
Skived Virgin PTFE Sheet: ASTM D 3308 Type 2, Grade 1
  L-P-403A Cancelled & replaced by ASTM D 1457, Cancelled and Replaced by ASTM D 3308
  Mil-P-22241B replaced by ASTM D 3293, withdrawn and replaced by ASTM 3308
  ASTM D 4894 Type II resin specification only
  AMS 3652 Film, Non-Critical
View Floropolymer MSDS Sheet