ETFE Chemours/Dupont Tefzel and Solvay Haylar ECTFE

Chemours/Dupont Tefzel ETFE fluoropolymer and Solvay Haylar ECTFE are proven performers in the chemical and petrochemical processing industries. Their unique combination of properties and design versatility are helping to solve some of the toughest materials problems in process equipment and components.

What is HAYLAR ECTFE material?

Solvay Haylar ECTFE is a partially fluorinated semi-crystaline polymer offering a unique combination of mechanical properties, thermal and chemical resistance with outstanding ease of processability. Haylar ECTFE is a copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene can bring advantages to the end user when compared to other fluoropolymers. It is a very versatile polymer available in all forms to meet processing needs Haylar Sheet offers excellent resistance to abrasion, harsh chemicals, and permeation.

What is TEFZEL ETFE Material?

Chemours/Dupont ETFE TEFZEL is a modified copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene that is often used in applications that demand mechanical toughness with thermal, mechanical and chemical extremes. Tefzel ETFE material provides excellent resistance to attack by chemicals and solvents which can cause rapid deterioration of other plastics and all but the most costly metal alloys. Tefzel and Haylar ECTFE materials are inert to strong mineral acids, inorganic bases, halogens, and metal salt solutions. Even carboxylic acids, anhydrides, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, ethers, esters, chlorocarbons, and classic polymer solvents have little effect on ETFE Tefzel Plastic. However, very strong oxidizing acids, such as highly concentrated nitric acid, will affect Tefzel ETFE and Haylar ECTFE in varying degrees. Organic bases such as amines and sulfonic acids will also affect Tefzel ETFE materials.

ETFE Tefzel sheet also has excellent mechanical strength, stiffness, and abrasion resistance. This may be an important consideration for process applications where abrasive slurries often accelerate wear and degradation of alternative materials. Tefzel ETFE plastic can also be reinforced with glass fibers to increase the flexural modulus to 95,000 psi.

Tefzel ETFE material has a broad continuous use temperature range from -370 degrees F/-223 degrees C to +300 degrees F/+150 degrees C.

"Properties", Applications" and "Availabilities" for the Tefzel ETFE Sheet, Tefzel ETFE Tube and the ETFE Tefzel Rod at the bottom of this page.

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Properties, Applications and Availabilities for the Tefzel Sheet and the Tefzel Rod




Excellent chemical resistance Lithium battery casings TEFZEL ETFE Rod: .125" to 3.50"
Excellent mechanical strength Pump Housings HAYLAR ECTFE Rod
Excellent abrasion resistance Pipe Linings  
Rugged Good Abrasion resistance Wet Bench Equipment TEFZEL ETFE Sheet: .062" to .750"
Exceptional dielectric insulation properties Fluid Handling HAYLAR ECTFE Sheet
May be Hot air welded for chemical tanks Chemical processing  
High resistance to outdoor weathering Radomes TEFZEL ETFE Tube: from .187" O.D. to 10.0" O.D.
Radiation resistant Food Processing Equipment HAYLAR ECTFE Tube
Heat Sterilization rsistant Impellers for abrasive slurries TEFZEL FIlm: special order
Outstanding temperature range   HAYLAR ECTFE Film: Special Order
Negligible Moisture absorption   TEFZEL Tube: Made to Order
    HAYLAR ECTFE Tube: Made to Order
    TEFZEL Tubing: See Fluid Handling Section
    TEFZEL Heat Shrink Tubing, See Insulation
         Sleeving Section
    Standard Color: Translucent white
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