An Overview of Forming Grade Plastics

Materials listed in these web pages are primarily used in applications where thermoforming is the primary process used to obtain the materials finished form.

The materials reviewed include, ABS, ABS-FR, Conductive ABS, Kydx, Noryl, PETG and High Impact Styrene. Other materials which can be thermoformed also include Acrylics and Polycarbonates, and Polyethylene and Polypropylene. However, the materials listed in this section are typically better in overall performance when considering commercial parts such as luggage, electronic, computer and medical equipment housings, etc.

Although the reviewed materials were chosen for their thermoformability capabilities, their properties lend themselves to applications where the manufactured part does not require thermoforming. However, whenever possible, the design engineer should pre-determine ultimately how the product will be manufactured. In many situations, the relative low cost of thermoforming provides manufacturing cost advantages. Any of the products in this category offer a mix of electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties coupled with outstanding thermoforming capabilities.