Riser Plate

Polymer Riser Plate and Hi-Tech Polymer Riser Plate are a phenolic based soft tooling plate.
• .0029" per inch maximum   warp for .375" and greater
• Snug pinfit throughout the
routing process

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SUPER FLAT RISER PLATE is an epoxy coated phenolic based soft tooling plate.
• Guaranteed ±.006" or ±.005"
thickness tolerances.
• Outstanding for small hole
drilling and SMT "Z" axis
cavity work.

STAT-MAN Vacuum Collector Manifolds are designed for the new Excellon Mark VII drilling machines.
STAT-MAN is adaptable to retrofit most most Excellon Mark III through Mark VI machines.
STEALTH-MAN 7 Port Vacuum Collectors are designed for use as a low profile manifold for 3 to 7 spindle machines.
Efficiency, 60% area enlargement produces increases flow volume.
Adaptability, accepts two inlet hose sizes; .875" O.D. and 1.062" O.D.
Reliability, made of abrasion resistant conductive plastic, outlasts stainless steel.
• Uses simple to intall hoses.

STAT-VAC is a line of conductive vacuum hoses engineered as a direct replacement for Excellon and most other CNC drilling and routing equip.
• Conductive, 250 ohms per inch.
• Eliminates the need for ground straps and cables.
• Lasts 15 X longer than original hose.

TRANS-CHEK is a patented, first article and production drill hole check overlay.
• Available in amber, green, and white, .006", .010" and .014" thickness.
TRANS-VIEW is a clear film for dry film exposure machines.
• Dry Film Exposure Vacuum
frame replacement.
• UV Transmitting Clarity.
• Durable Polyester Mylar®
• Available in .003", .005" and
.007" smooth, and .004"
embossed finish.
SPECTRA-TUBES are fluorescent tube filters for yellow rooms without drop ceiling fixtures.
• High tensile and impact
• Can be used over low cost
white fluorescent tubes.
• Available in gold, or clear UF.
• Available in T12 and T8 sizes.
SPECTRA-LITE lighting panels are for yellow room exposure areas.
• Filters fluorescent light to
gold safe-light.
• Available in gold or UV filtered
clear white.
Poly-Test TRANS-TEST is a new technology clear plastic blank designed for use with all types of "bare board" testing machines.
• Clear and high-impact.
• 90% less static.

POLY-TEST is a polycarb test fixture blank available cut to size.
Acrylic is available in many colors. Call for Quote.
SPC/PPC also offers: Polymasking rolls, Soft Tooling Plate Plugs, Dessicator Cabinets, Solder Pallets, as well as standard distribution plastics; Unclad G-10, CDM, Mechanicals.