Black Delrin 150 NC010

What is Delrin?

Delrin is an advanced acetal homopolymer developed by DuPont using the latest Dupont Delrin 150NC010 resin technology. It is a crystalline plastic which uses a breakthrough in stabilization technology by offering an excellent balance of desirable properties that bridge the gap between metals and plastics. In many important mechanical and structural applications, Delrin will replace metals.

Delrin possesses outstanding characteristics of: stiffness, tensile strength, and creep resistance under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. With high fatigue endurance, corrosion resistance and mechanical resilience, Delrin is an excellent choice, and is clearly superior to acetal copolymers for applications requiring springiness and toughness.

Delrin provides ease of processing, with little or no odor. Delrin virtually eliminates mold deposit and machine corrosion, typical with copolymers. It also offers the broadest processing temperature range and highest productivity of any acetal resin while maintaining accurate and consistent tolerances. These properties result in manufacturing economies.

DELRIN® 527 is an unreinforced, medium viscosity UV stabilized acetal resin. Delrin® 527 is the black equivalent to the 550 SA. It has the best machinability of all standard acetal grades. This grade has outstanding UV stabilization, even better than the 100 series black. DELRIN® 527 is a surface lubricated resin with UV stabilizer. It offers balanced properties and is resistant to UV light.
Delrin 527 is UV stabalized.

"Properties", Applications" and "Availabilities" for the Delrin Black Sheet and Rod are at the bottom of this page.

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Properties, Applications and Availabilities for theDelrin Black Sheet and Rod




Minimal central porosity common to acetal Bearings Round Rod: .250" to 8.000"
High mechanical strength and rigidity Gears Plate: .125" to 4.000"
Excellent dimensional stability Anti-friction parts Tubing: .125" I.D. to 2.000" I.D.
Creep resistant to moisture and humidity Electrical components Standard Color: Natural (white), black
Wide useful temperature range (-50 to +90 C)    
Good electrical insulating characteristics   For Delrin in Natural, click here
Good abrasion and impact resistance    
Whiter and brighter than Delrin    
Low moisture absorption    
Excellent machinability    
FDA compliant    
USDA approved    
NSF Approved    
3A Dairy approved    
ASTM D4181 POM130B44350 U.V. resistent    
LP 392A TYPE I, CLASS 2 U.V.resistent    
ASTM D2133-78 & 81, CLASS B U.V. resistent    
ASTM D2133-64T GRADE I, U.V. resistent    
ASTM D2133-62T CLASS 2, TYPE I, U. V. resistent    
View Delrin II Data Sheet    




ASTM-D-6100 S-POM 111