Dupont Kapton

What is Kapton?

Dupont Kapton is a polyimide film made by DuPont which has outstanding characteristics that were previously unavailable from polymeric film materials. Kapton has been especially successful in applications involving high operating temperatures because of its ability to maintain its excellent physical, electrical, and mechanical properties.

Dupont Kapton can be used at both high and low temperatures where other organic material would not be functional. It is flame resistant and there is no known solvent for the film. It can be laminated, metalized, punched, formed, or adhesive coated. Kapton is available in several formulations, including Teflon coated, which improves its chemical resistance, and heat sealability.

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Properties, Applications and Availabilities for Kapton Film




Excellent dielectric strength Electrical insulation for wire Film in Roll Form: .001" to .005" thickness
Excellent dielectric dissipation factor Electrical insulation for cable tapes      slit to width
Wide temperature range Insulation for formed coil insulation Laminated Sheets: All thicknesses up to
Chemical resistance at elevated temperatures Substrates for flexible printed circuits      18" by lengths up to 36"
Radiation resistance at elevated temperatures Motor slot liners Laminated Sheets are available by
Flame resistant Magnetic wire insulation      special order
  Transformers and capacitor insulation  
  Pressure sensitive tapes