Torlon® Polyamide-Imide

What is Torlon?

Torlon is a polyamide-imide which exhibits exceptional physical and chemical properties. It has superior resistance to elevated temperatures, withstanding continuous exposure at 450/500°F. It can withstand severe stress conditions and provides better compressive strength and higher impact resistance than most other high-performance thermoplastic materials. Torlon also has an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion and creep resistance, and provides dimensional stability over a wide temperature range.

Chemically, Torlon is resistant to attack by aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, and most inorganic salt and acid solutions. Torlon is available in three grades:
Torlon 4203: Exhibits superior electrical insulation at elevated temperatures and is primarily designed for structural, electrical and electronic applications. In addition, Torlon 4203 displays excellent resistance to radiation.

Torlon 4301: Retaining the same basic physical and chemical properties as 4203, It is used where high strength, resistance to wear, resistance to elevated temperatures, and solvent resistance are important application requirements.

Torlon 5030: Is a glass-reinforced to provide high rigidity and good retention of stiffness at temperatures up to 475°F. Excellent replacement for metal in certain application, weighing over 75% less while exhibiting equivalent strength and structural integrity. Its low coefficient of thermal expansion nearly matches that of common metals.

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Properties, Applications and Availabilities for the Polysulfone Sheet and Rod




Heat deflection temperatures above 535°F Hydraulic rings and seals Rod: .250" to 1.500"
Outstanding creep resistance Bearings Plate: .187" to 1.000"
Resists aqueous and hydrocarbon fluids Washers and gaskets Standard Color: Brown
Lightweight Valve seats Fillers: Glass, fluorocarbons, graphite
Wear and friction resistant Piston rings  
Self-lubricating Rotors and impellers  
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