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Dupont Vespel - Polyimide

What is DuPont Vespel?

DuPont Vespel is a high-performance polyimide resin. Vespel performs well with or without lubrication under conditions which would destroy other plastics or severely wear many metals. Vespel parts function over a wide range of temperatures and stresses. Vespel retains its outstanding creep, abrasion resistance, and strength under adverse conditions.

Since DuPont Vespel does not soften and is thermally resistant, it can carry loads at temperatures beyond the reach of most plastic materials and do so while exhibiting extremely low creep.

Product Description:
DuPont produces standard VESPEL shapes (machining stock), as well as custom-made VESPEL parts, from our high-performance SP polymide resin.

All VESPEL parts, whether custom-made by DuPont or machined from VESPEL shapes, provide a combination of properties unmatched by any other material. VESPEL parts:
• can be machines with standard metal working equipment and techniques.
• will not melt at any temperature.
• perform up to 550ºF (288ºC) continuously–excursions to 900ºF (482ºC).
• have excellent creep resistance under high pressure.
• are not brittle, even at minus 400ºF (-240ºC).
• can operate at extremely high PV's.
• require little or no lubrication.
• will not gall or fret.

For small production quantities, or for parts with complex geometry, maching parts from VESPEL shapes is the most economical process.

For large production quantities exceeding 500 to 1,000 pieces per year and where part geometry permits, finished, custom-made VESPEL parts often can be more economically fabricated by the DuPont direct-forming process. Contact your VESPEL parts & shapes representative for details.

Vespel polyimide is available in these five resin compositions to provide a range of property combinations:


Unfilled base resin

Provides maximum physical strength elongation and toughness and best electrical and thermal insulation.

15%, by weight, graphite(1) filler

Graphite added to provide low wear and friction for bearings, thrust washers and dynamic seals.

40%, by weight, graphite(1) filler

Same as SP-21 for wear and friction plus improved dimensional stability. It has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion.

15%, by weight, graphite(1)
and 10% by weight teflon fluorocarbon resin(2) fillers.
Has lowest coefficient of friction over wide range of operating conditions. Also, has lowest wear rate up to 300ºF.


15%, by weight,
molybdenum disulfide(2).
MoS2 added to provide lubrication for seals and bearings in vacuum or dry environments.

VESPEL is a DuPont registered trademark for its polymide parts and shapes.

"Properties", Applications" and "Availabilities" for the Vespel - Polyimide Sheet and Rod are at the bottom of this page.

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Properties, Applications and Availabilities for the Vespel - Polyimide Sheet and Rod




Low wear and friction at Air and inert environments at 700 degrees Rod: .250" to 3.250"
     high pressures and velocities Service with liquid hydrogen Plate: .062" to 2.000" thickness,
Outstanding creep resistance Nuclear radiation exposure      5" X 5", 5" x 10", 10" X 10"
Lubricated or unlubricated performance Mechanical applications where little or Tubes: from 1.600" to 8.000" O.D.
Excellent impact resistance      no lubricant is present Standard Color: Brown
Continuous operation at 500 degrees F    
Excursions to 900 degrees F    
Minimal vacuum outgas    
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