Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10 - Abrasion resistant

What is Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10?

Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10 sheet combines the impact strength of polycarbonate sheet with a new, highly abrasion-resistant surface that approaches glass in performance. Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10 sheet is the only polycarbonate sheet backed by a manufacturer's warranty against abrasion, coating failure and breakage. Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10 sheet's unique coating "defies graffiti to stick", enabling restoration to like-new condition. Additional benefits include improved resistance to weathering, improved service life and lower life-cycle material costs.

Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10 sheet is for transparent applications only. Because of its high mar-resistant surface, paint, adhesives and other materials will not adhere to its surface. The coating is applied to both sides, therefore eliminating second-surface decoration. Due to its mar-resistant coating, this product cannot be cold-formed and is intended for flat applications only.

What is Makrolon® AR Sheet?
Makrolon AR abrasion-resistant polycarbonate sheet offers glasslike surface hardness and the impact strength of polycarbonate. With enhanced UV resistance to protect against yellowing and hazing, Makrolon AR sheets provide a longer service life for high-profile architectural glazing, and performs extremely well for other flat applications such as view windows and machine guards in harsh chemical environments.
Made in AR1 (abrasion-resistant one-side) or AR2 (abrasion-resistant two sides).

What is Lexan® XL10 sheet?
Lexan® XL10 sheet has a co-extruded UV-resistant surface treatment applied to one side to protect the Lexan against UV degradation (yellowing). LEXAN sheet can be cut easily and accurately to the exact size desired with most power saws. Protective masking should be left in place to prevent marring. Lexan MR10 sheet and XL 10 sheet offer 250 times the impact resistance of glass at half the weight. In addition, they deliver 40% better thermal efficiency than glass and lower overall maintenance costs. XL 10 sheet is warranted for 10 years against breakage, yellowing, loss of light transmission and coating delamination.

Properties, Applications, Availabilities, Approvals and Specifications for the Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10 Sheet are at the bottom of this page.

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 Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10 Sheet
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Properties, Applications, Availabilities, Approvals and Specifications
for the Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10 Sheet




Impact strength Windows Sheet size: 48" X 96"
Abrasion resistance Store fronts Standard Colors: Clear
Optical clarity Entrance doors  
Weatherability Entryways  
Graffiti resistance Railings  
Chemical resistance Skylights  
Light weight Walkways  
  Patio doors  
  Bus shelters  
  Side lights  
  Space enclosures  
  Sloped glazing  

Properties, Applications and Availabilities for the Lexan XL10 Sheet




Impact strength Windows Sheet sizes: 48" x 96", 60" x 96" & 72" x 96"
Abrasion resistance Doors Sheet thicknesses:
Optical clarity Hatches     .093", .118", .177",.236", .375",.500"
Weatherability Ports Standard Colors:
Graffiti resistance Display cases     Clear, Bronze, Gray, Graylite, &Light Green
Chemical resistance Skylights  
Light weight Covered walkways  
  Barrel vaults  
  Vertical glazing in low traffic areas
      where abrasion resistance is not
      primary concern  
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